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Virtualbox Windows 8.1 Blue Screen


Download in other formats: Comma-delimited Text Tab-delimited Text RSS Feed Contact – Privacy policy – Terms of Use About Screenshots Downloads Documentation     End-user docs     Technical docs Contribute Community Search: LoginPreferences Browse Reply Marius says: June 30, 2011 at 9:39 am Thank you very much! God, you save my life :) Thank you a lot, r3dux and Spode… Have a nice day :) Reply Alex says: June 23, 2011 at 4:55 pm Thanks so much for Nov. 2014) comment:19 Changed 2 years ago by sunlover azh65, thanks but we need the file with name VBoxStartup.log. Check This Out

Reply marcinekwu says: October 14, 2011 at 5:01 am Works! Either way, the initial boot fails within seconds, and the virtual machine must be closed. Thank you! Credits: Article based on and adapted from Matt Bottrell‘s IDE -> SATA changeover technique found here. https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/12237

Virtualbox Blue Screen System_service_exception

If yes, then please reproduce the error again and then immediately get VBoxSVC.log, VBox.log and VBoxStartup.log BTW, this problem (VERR_ACCESS_DENIED (rc=-38)) is something different and not related to this ticket. Unfortunately I only preserved the hard drive .vdi file, and used it in a new virtual machine. Reply r3dux says: March 18, 2010 at 7:24 am I guess that makes sense - I must have misplaced my thinking hat when I was writing the post… Cheers for the

So, you can login with your existing Microsoft account or create a new account from this screen.6) As one of the new feature, you can connect and setup SkyDrive in next virtualbox 4.2.18 slowly log Change History Changed 3 years ago by summa attachment VBox.log.3 added run log Changed 3 years ago by summa attachment b414cd1373f0820216f5c91749fbfbedab641b15.jpg added blue screen code comment:1 Changed Changed 2 years ago by Francis attachment Windbg-Bugcheck-Analysis.txt added Windbg bug-check analysis comment:6 Changed 2 years ago by frank mhanor, could you make the kernel dump available for us? Virtualbox Bsod Windows 10 Menu and widgets Search Search for: Translate CategoriesCategories Select Category Activism(3) Coding(119) Consumer Whore(27) Gaming(96) How-To(133) Humour(100) Imagery(183) Juni(7) Life(100) Linkage(8) Linux(91) Literature(9) Misc(10) Music(186) Old-Site(8) OpenGL(8) Site(11) Tech(72) Archives Archives

Could you please create a new ticket and attach the requested logs to it? Virtualbox System_service_exception Windows 10 You do realize your name has the letters "pdf" in it, right? :P Thanks for the article r3dux. I've now extracted it and changed the link so it goes directly to the exe. https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=57893&start=15 It started, but on the boot it was frozen with bluescreen. :( Sorry for my bad english, I'm just Hungarian :) Reply r3dux says: October 13, 2010 at 5:59 pm Hmm

First, check your driver supports your CPU and hardware (see the readme notes for the driver on the Intel download site). Virtualbox Blue Screen Windows 7 Shutdown Windows from inside the guest. Once I added the SATA controller, the error disappeared. KuukunaTuesday, 14 January 2014 09:25:32 UTCOh thanks!I need this because AMD/ATI video drivers won't let Netflix Win8 app work if Hyper-V is running (WTF?!?!)Renato GoliaTuesday, 14 January 2014 22:38:40 UTCTotally agree!_______________________________If

Virtualbox System_service_exception Windows 10

Reply VChris says: October 9, 2010 at 8:19 pm I've tried this procedure with virtual Windows7, but it doesn't work for me. Worked for me also. Virtualbox Blue Screen System_service_exception Reply r3dux says: October 14, 2010 at 3:46 pm Thanks for the tip - much appreciated! =D Reply Todd says: April 12, 2011 at 4:59 am Hi I am following your System Service Exception Virtualbox Windows 10 It's crazy to me that I can write a full win8 app w/o the need for hyper-v, but can't write a "little" phone app.BrandonWednesday, 08 January 2014 05:24:35 UTCYou could also

This has to be properly fixed. his comment is here Now, I could have just posted a link to the Oracle tickets database, but that would be missing the point. Scott Hanselman about blog speaking podcasts books browse by category or date Switch easily between VirtualBox and Hyper-V with a BCDEdit boot Entry in Windows 8.1 January 8, '14 Comments [19] So this is one of the issues where the new checks are too restrictive. Virtualbox System Service Exception

Cheers. del.icio.us stumble digg reddit slashdot Advertise! Windows hates having the storage controller changed – though there are ways to fix it. I had to Google 3 days and found this. this contact form This is useful for parallel algorithms that use compare and swap on data larger than the size of a pointer, common in lock-free and wait-free algorithms.

In order to access the new boot menu, I select Settings (Windows Key + C) then Power, and Restart but hold down shift on the keyboard while clicking Restart with the How To Disable Hyper V Windows 10 The default settings of Network ‘Bridged Mode’ and connect it to physical network will allow internet connection inside virtual machine. Reply r3dux says: October 8, 2010 at 2:58 pm You've lost me - what are you talking about?

Then I created a machine for it in VirtualBox.

I was getting the 0x000000C4 error code too and the command line trick worked for me Charlie saysJuly 1, 2013 at 9:39 pm THANK YOU ! So if you have a VM called TestXP which has a virtual hard drive called TestXPDrive, and you want to switch it from using a virtual IDE hard disk to a Here's Android running in VirtualBox via GenyMotion. Hyperv Windows 8.1 sucks still, company really looking to getting MACs now.

Sysprobs earlier published an article about major new features in Windows 8.1 for home and business users.The Error Message With Older Versions of VirtualBoxHow to do a Proper Installation of Windows Furthermore I have messed around with VM nesting and have to admit that it's pretty unstable.Jonathan DickinsonSaturday, 25 January 2014 06:32:08 UTCScott,I have GenyMotion running on my PC.. Please clarify your comment and I'll make any changes necessary. Ah - I see what you mean - I'd 7zip'd the executable to save disk space and bandwidth. navigate here Read more Donate to Dedoimedo!

comment:7 Changed 3 years ago by klaus That line explains it all... 00:00:05.034819 IEM: rdmsr(0x1b) -> GP(0) The guest OS accesses accessing IA32_APIC_BASE_MSR, and VirtualBox 4.3 doesn't let it. There are others that do,... I had thought they were caused by Windows updates as they started Wednesday last week but after a system restore to remove the updates they continued to occur. Thanks for posting this info.

You need to restart your computer. comment:12 Changed 2 years ago by Francis Excellent, much appreciated! I, too, was getting the error msg about the hardware not supported by the driver. Hyper-V doesn't have that feature, I'm not sure about VirtualBox.

You'll need one of the x86 emulator images.Jason FamularoFriday, 10 January 2014 02:35:03 UTCI've switched over to virtualbox for my development VM so that i can run both by dev vm So far you attached VBoxSVC.log and VBox.2.log files. Then install the driver as suggested. I didn't know hot to ask google about my problem, because it happened when I migrated from VirtualBox 2x.

Allan December 13, 2011 at 1:14 am Worked for me, thank you! (VirtualBox 4.0.0 r69151 under Puppy Linux 5.22, k2.6.33.2. Now I have opened the VirtualBox Manager and this machine boots from the Manager without error ... I have initiated Ticket #13632 with newest log files after reproduce error. A bit long, isn't it, this little tutorial.

But when I want to dual boot, I need it to really shut down and give me an option to chose this new boot menu. Boot the virtual OS. 4. But thanks for the article. VirtualBox has been designed not to expose the CMPXCHG16B instruction to the guests by default, which creates the issue we face.

Zach Smith saysJuly 2, 2013 at 10:05 pm this was actually informative - not like most of what i see online.